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"Kyrgyzstan- the country of tourism"

Опубликовано 18.03.2013 в (09:12)

    In USUE with the support of Ministry of Culture and tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic, General consulate of the Kyrgyz Republic in Yekaterinburg, Media center Russia took place a videoconference " Promoting of the brand "Kurgyzstan- the country of tourism" in the Urals. Among the participants were representatives of Ural Association of tourism, tour operators of Sverdlovsk region, Kyrgyzstan, Khanty-Mansi autonomous district, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, Chelyabinsk and Kurgan areas and also students of the university.

    Conference began with the film about this amazing country, which combines in itself natural beauty and rich historical heritage. Kyrgyzstan stands on the top of the word's list of gold reserves. It's the Motherland of great mountains, the country with the promising future and great culture.

    The director of the Institute of service and hospitality of USUE Helena Kurilova opened the conference by inviting participants to get familiar with recreational zones of Kyrgyzstan and touristic opportunities of this country.

    The Consul of the Kyrgyz Republic in Yekaterinburg, Gulnara Narmatova, cordially greeted everyone and told, that annually thousands of Russians have a rest in Kyrgyzstan. Nevertheless, touristic potential of the country is being used far not at full capacity. " We are the open country,- declared Gulnara Narmatova,- our border can be the zone of peace and cooperation".

    The director of the Department of small and medium enterprises and tourism of the Ministry of Economics of Sverdlovsk region, Alexander Porodnov thanked organizers for the provided platform for the opinion's  exchange. " The sphere of tourism  is one of the most important branches in Kyrgyzstan. But it is necessary to tell more about yourself, so, that inhabitants of Sverdlovsk region became interested and went to this country. The exit tourism sector is very well developed in our area". Alexander Porodnov has finished his speech with the promise of the heartiest welcome of delegation of Kyrgyzstan, which arrives to Yekaterinburg for the touristic exhibition "Summer-2013" at the beginning of April.
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